BTSG Guidelines

1.0: Leaving a review

1.1 All reviews uploaded to our website must comply with these guidelines, our Terms and Website Use and our Acceptable Use Policy. Any review that, in our reasonable opinion doesn’t comply will not be published.

1.2 To be able to leave a review you will need to sign up to our website and create a username. When leaving a review do remember your username for our website will be visible to any other persons viewing the review on our website (but your email address will only be accessible by us). All fields of the review including star ratings must be completed before submitting.

1.3 Why hasn’t my review been uploaded? We moderate reviews before they are uploaded to our website so it can take up to seven days before your review is published on the website. In addition, if a business hasn’t claimed their listing, we will store reviews of the business and publish them following the business claiming the listing. If you’ve had a great experience but can’t review the business, let them know so they can claim the listing!

1.4 We want to ensure people can rely on the reviews on our website and may contact you to discuss a review with you and confirm it is genuine. Please do respond to these emails as if we suspect a review isn’t genuine we may delete the review and suspend the reviewer’s account.

1.5 It is important to us that the information on our website is accurate and can be relied on by visitors to our site. A review must be of genuine nature, it must follow on from a visit or experience of the business, it must not be based on the opinion of anyone else other than the reviewer, it must not include non-factual content, it must not slander the business and must not include anyone’s names or personal details except job title.

2.0: Contesting a review as the claimed business

2.1 If a review follows 1.0 leaving a review and complies with the BTSG T’s & C’s (add link) then the review will stand.

2.2 A listed business would have agreed to the BTSG T’s & C’s and have agreed to reviews being published that follow 1.0 Leaving a review.

2.3 BTSG does not act as representatives for any party and will not be held responsible for any legal actions arising from a dispute.
2.4 BTSG reserve the right to decide that a review can stand or be removed without giving any reason

3.0: Adding, upgrading or claiming a listing

3.1 Our website aims to assist people in planning visits to seaside towns. To ensure our content is relevant, we only list businesses based within a 7.5 mile drive of a UK coastline (as determined at our discretion) and within the specific categories detailed in the By the Seaside Guide.

3.2 If you meet the eligibility criteria and want to add your business to the By the Seaside Guide you can do so at any time but you can only apply to be listed in the By the Seaside Guide for the town in or around which your business operates. If your business is already listed in the By the Seaside Guide you can claim and manage the listing. The extent you are able to edit and manage your listing will depend on whether your listing is a free listing or paid for listing.

3.3 Of course, once your listing has been claimed users of the By the Seaside Guide will be able to leave reviews of their experiences which we be published on your listing provided the review complies with these guidelines, our Terms and Website Use and our Acceptable Use Policy.

4.0: Removing a listing

4.1 If you wish to remove your business listing from the By the Seaside Guide please contact us via the ‘Contact Us’ section of our website or by sending an email to Only the owner or nominated representative for a business can request it’s By the Seaside Guide listing to be removed.

4.2 Where a listing is removed, it cannot be re-listed for a minimum of 6 months to minimise abuse of this process as a way of removing negative reviews.

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